Let us be your safety net.

At OpenSCG, we value YOU. We recognize that your database is the backbone of your entire organization. We understand the importance of getting things done quickly, thoroughly, & professionally. We are your safety net.

With a team consisting of: 

  • architects who have led core changes to PostgreSQL,

  • leaders who are choice speakers at various PostgreSQL conferences around the world,

  • DBAs who have made their name by providing enterprise-class support to web-scale production systems running PostgreSQL,

  • and consultants who are contributors to the PostgreSQL community,

you will be in good hands with the OpenSCG team.


Let us help you take the migraine out of migrating.

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Architectural Health Check

Is your data

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Remote DBA

Harness the power of PostgreSQL.

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Get a database

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High Availability Configuration

It’s 2AM and your system fails…

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