Is your data architecture healthy?

The doctor is in. It’s time for your annual check-up.

If you are like many PostgreSQL users, as your usage grows, your database may no longer be configured for optimal performance and reliability. That’s why having an Architectural Health Check every 1 – 2 years is so valuable.

When you engage OpenSCG for a health check, for a low fixed cost, one of the most experienced Postgres database architects in the industry will conduct a review of your database systems and related infrastructure, and recommend high impact changes to enhance performance and stability. 

Take this quick assessment to see if your business would benefit from our health check.

Quick Assessment

Why choose OpenSCG?

Our database architects specialize in PostgreSQL and they also have a deep understanding of the applications and hardware interacting with your database.  They use this expertise to identify opportunities not only in your database configuration and queries, but also in database integration with your full hardware and software stack.

Our service provides high-value actionable recommendations presented to you based on a series of PostgreSQL database analyses conducted over 3 days.

Recommendations include:

  • back-up and recovery validation

  • database configuration best practices review

  • hardware analysis

  • security audit

  • performance analysis to speed up databases

  • query and transaction analysis

  • connection review

How can an Architectural Health Check help your business?

  • Minimize or eliminate costly surprises – like performance problems or data loss.
  • Improve response times – tune your configuration and fix slow running queries.
  • Reduce capital investment – prolong the life of your current hardware.
  • See both immediate and long-term benefits – make low-risk, high-value database adjustments during the engagement, and use our recommendations to develop an architectural strategy for longer-term growth plans.
  • Protect your budget – get all of these benefits and more for a low fixed cost, providing you with budget certainty.