Get a database tune-up.

Your current technology infrastructure is under-performing and not able to scale to increased demand, OpenSCG’s performance engineering team can help.

Our team can partner with you to tune your existing infrastructure and improve responsiveness, scalability, reliability, and availability. Performance analysis, configuration tuning, and automated performance testing provides the insights needed to optimize your infrastructure and give you the boost in performance you need. Additionally, we will share our “engineering for performance” methodology ensuring you meet your non-functional requirements moving forward.

bottleneckIdentify and Fix Bottlenecks

The OpenSCG approach to PostgreSQL performance engineering is not a superficial, quick-fix process restricted to the database layer alone. Our holistic approach goes beyond routine testing: extensive probing and technology infrastructure analysis allow us to identify interactions impacting performance.  Key areas analyzed include: network activity, operating systems, web servers, databases, and the application layer components. This analysis ensures that we isolate the exact cause of  issues and provides the insights needed for tuning and remediation.

measureBenchmark and Measure Performance

Automated testing is critical to providing on demand benchmarks.  Benchmarks provides the guide rails needed to measure the impact of changes and the effectiveness of performance improvements. They also provide the means to continuously evaluate system performance over time.

performanceProactive Performance Engineering

Application developers are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of “engineering for performance” to avoid the cost and time challenges presented when tuning is an afterthought.  Our performance engineering services are designed to align with the all stages of your software development process.  By taking a comprehensive approach, we ensure non-functional requirements are understood and verified throughout your development process.

Our services include gathering non-functional requirements, estimating projected growth, capacity planning, reviewing architecture design, load testing, SLA validation, pre-release benchmarking, and post-production monitoring.  We also work directly with our clients to help them integrate and leverage a variety of open source tools including JMeter, Graphite, and Selenium.

Our clients enjoy the benefits provided by adopting a proactive and synchronous approach to performance engineering, and are ensuring the continuous success of their projects and products.