Harness the power of PostgreSQL with a Remote DBA Subscription.

PostgreSQL is a highly robust open source database. Like many robust tools, it is easy to use, but can be challenging to optimize.

That means you need a DBA with PostgreSQL expertise, which isn’t always easy to find. Getting the performance and reliability you need from your Postgres database requires active management and know-how. And you might have the need for only a part-time Postgres DBA, and that’s even harder to find.

That’s where OpenSCG can help. As the premier PostgreSQL company in the industry, our highly-trained DBAs specialize in all aspects of Postgres administration.


Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Remote DBA Tasks:

  • monitor production database operations and performance
  • monitor backup and replication processes
  • proactive database maintenance
  • test and validate backups
  • tune database configuration for performance and uptime
  • SQL query tuning
  • remediate database issues as discovered
  • apply update/patches
  • major version upgrade
  • ongoing database audits
  • plan and perform scheduled maintenance
  • participate in regularly scheduled customer team meetings
  • occasional off-hours support for application deployment and patching
  • maintain and keep current database operating procedures

Access to OpenSCG’s Customer Support Portal

  • tracking of support incidents

  • documentation

  • knowledge based tools

Smooth Upgrades

With a remote dba your upgrades run smoothly while guaranteeing you data lifecycle continues to operate as expected.

  • identify differences between current and target database/environment early on in the process

  • thoroughly understand operational requirements – performance, load, fail over, etc.

  • develop and execute a comprehensive plan from inception to go-live that accelerates the upgrade timeline and minimizes costs

  • optimize performance by tuning database parameters and using appropriate constructs

  • leverage proven validation techniques to ensure quality and quantity of data post-upgrade

  • one-month warranty support post go-live ensures a stable post-upgrade environment

  • provide training and support documentation to equip customers to sustain ongoing operations

Cost Savings:

  • achieve flexibility: you tell us what you need and we’ll provide access to our team of industry leading PostgreSQL DBAs and their services

  • get More for Less: with remote Postgres DBA subscription you tap into the collective experience of OpenSCG for less than the cost of a full-time staff DBA

  • increase productivity: with our experienced Postgres DBAs on the job, your employees are free to focus on higher-value projects

  • preserve capital: optimize your existing database and infrastructure, avoiding unnecessary capital investments

Additional Subscription Benefits:

  • Proactive Support (Data Architecture, Health Check, Pulse Report)

  • Named DBA’s (primary & back-up)