3…2…1…It’s time to upgrade.

Are you ready?

“To update or not to update”, that is the question many DBAs will face throughout their career. On one hand, upgrading your database and architecture ensures that you:

  • have the most current security patches to keep your data safe

  • have the latest and greatest features and functionality in this ever evolving world of technology

  • don’t have to maintain deprecated technology

  • don’t have to train new DBA’s and system administrators how to manage antiquated systems

But… on the other hand, if you upgrade your database:

  • could break processes, code, and client applications essential to your business

  •  will take time and resources away from your staff

  • may result in or require database downtime you can’t afford

What’s a DBA to do?

Get some help from our team members who have been there and done that many times over! We can help ensure your upgrade runs smoothly while guaranteeing you data lifecycle continues to operate as expected. Our experts follow a similar methodology for upgrading as they do for migrating:

  • Identify differences between current and target database/environment early on in the process.

  • Thoroughly understand operational requirements – performance, load, fail over, etc.

  • Develop and execute a comprehensive plan from inception to go-live that accelerates the upgrade timeline and minimizes costs.

  • Optimize performance by tuning database parameters and using appropriate constructs.

  • Leverage proven validation techniques to ensure quality and quantity of data post-upgrade.

  • One-month warranty support post go-live ensures a stable post-upgrade environment.

  • Provide training and support documentation to equip customers to sustain ongoing operations.