DevOps: Can’t we just all get along?

pgDevOps will help your developers and operations teams work collaboratively, efficiently, and openly. To understand the value added when you include pgDevOps in your PostgreSQL tool-chain, keep reading. tldr; Go straight to the tutorial to start using pgDevOps today! Why DevOps: A brief explainer First a little background to better understand why BigSQL built pgDevops. [...]

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Proliferation of NUMERIC

More and more I'm seeing people use a NUMERIC for their primary keys. This is a direct result of people leveraging automated tools for their Oracle to PostgreSQL migration. Oracle's NUMBER data type is frequently used as the primary key for a table so the tools just map to a PostgreSQL NUMERIC and calls it [...]

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Improve PostgreSQL on Windows performance by 100%

It sounds like click-bait, or one of those late night TV promotions - "Improve your database performance by 100% - by changing just this one setting!" But in this case, it's true - you can drastically improve PostgreSQL on Windows performance by changing one configuration setting - and we made this the default in our [...]

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PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL Profiler

Note: there is a new version of plProfiler that makes it even easier to speed up your PL/pgSQL code. Read the release notes here The original post about an older version of plProfiler is below: Some of our customers really like writing their business logic inside of PostgreSQL. While this is really cool that PostgreSQL [...]

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Synchronous Commit

While I was at PGConf.EU a couple of weeks ago in Madrid, I attended a talk by Grant McAlister discussing Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL.  While it was interesting to see how Amazon had made it very simple for developers to get a production PostgreSQL instance quickly, the thing that really caught my eye was the [...]

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Latency: That pesky little thing

Recently, I was helping out a client improve their performance of their ETL processes. They were loading several million rows and updating several million more and the whole process was taking better than 7 hours. Jumping in, it was apparent they didn't spare any expense on the hardware. With 256GB of RAM and a high [...]

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