BigSQL Up and Running

BigSQL Up and Running All Big Data projects are a collection of related projects, each suited to a specific function to implement that Big Data solution. BigSQL can be used as a Big Data Data Warehousing solution. In addition to the archetypical Big Data components (Hadoop Distributed File System and MapReduce), there are additional projects [...]

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BigSQL. From data to information, from information to insight. A state-of-the-art Big Data Warehouse solution that is fast, secure and continuously available. BigSQL will scale from your desktop to the cloud. Run real time OLAP directly from the worlds most secure RDBMS. Get started with BigSQL right now. You can immediately put BigSQL to work [...]

PostgreSQL Clustering with Postgres HA

PostgreSQL Clustering made easy with PostgresHA. Authored jointly with Scott Mead, Sr. Architect OpenSCG and Architect of PostgresHA. PostgresHA is Highly Available (HA) PostgreSQL. High Availability High availability is not new. Financial trading systems and the telephone network were federally mandated to provide highly availability. People didn’t do HA because it was a fun project, [...]

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