PostgreSQL Game Changer: Change Data Capture

One of the really cool things I learned at this year's PostgreSQL@SCaLE event was the new push of the PostgreSQL driver developers to integrate support for the PostgreSQL replication protocol. Dave Cramer first talked about in his JDBC talk and after talking to others, I found out the latest version of PsycoPG also has replication [...]

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How to: Pick a PostgreSQL Python driver

Using Postgres with python is easy and provides first class database capabilities for applications and data processing. When starting a new project, you need to choose which PostgreSQL python driver to use. The best choice depends on your deployment, python version, and background. Here's a quick guide to choosing between three popular python PostgreSQL drivers: [...]

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Hadoop Thrift Tutorial

At OpenSCG we have been using thrift to make a Hadoop Foreign Data Wrapper. This tool, which is already integrated into BigSQL, allows you to take advantage of the power of Hadoop from within PostgreSQL. The BigSQL Tutorial show how you can easily create a postgres table that references a Hive or Hbase table, run [...]

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