Denis Lussier

Founder, CEO & Chief Architect

Denis brings more than 25 years of experience building innovative technology solutions across many industries including software infrastructure, finance, manufacturing, and telecom. He was a pioneer in offshore development, establishing development centers in India as early as 1999. Among his significant previous positions, Denis was founder and CTO of EnterpriseDB, a leading software company focused on PostgreSQL, where he invented and implemented Oracle-PostgreSQL compatibility. Prior to EnterpriseDB, he was CEO and Founder of Fusion Technologies, a successful technology services business with over 200 employees.

Jim Mlodgenski

Chief Technology Officer

Jim has more than 20 years of experience developing data intensive applications and infrastructure. Prior to joining OpenSCG, Jim was CEO at StormDB, a Postgres-XC scalable public cloud solution. While at StormDB, Jim envisioned the offering and was responsible for all product development. Prior to StormDB, Jim was chief architect at EnterpriseDB, leading the firm’s technology direction, including its early cloud offerings and other product lines. Jim also very active in the PostgreSQL community, co-founding both the New York and Philadelphia PostgreSQL Meetup groups, co-organizing the largest PostgreSQL conferences, and serving on the Board of the PostgreSQL Foundation. Jim also speaks regularly at PostgreSQL and other open sources conferences.

George Williams

General Manager, Consulting Services & India

George brings over 15 years of experience in database and application engineering management. Prior to OpenSCG, George was director of professional services at EnterpriseDB, where he was responsible for all technical support, customer training, and consulting services. Before EnterpriseDB, George was VP of Solutions at Alliance Consulting, where he managed software project execution and delivery management for the Java and testing competency areas.

David Rader

Vice President, Product Development

Dave brings more than 20 years leading diverse technology teams, with a passion for improving development team performance. Before joining OpenSCG, Dave was CTO at Alliance Global Services, where he drove innovation for clients, taking advantage of the rapidly changing technology landscape including Mobile, Cloud, Open Source, and Big Data. Prior to Alliance, Dave was chief architect at Fusion Technologies, where his work helped drive the company from 10 to over 200 employees.

Scott Mead

Chief Database Architect

Scott brings more than 15 years of experience configuring servers and applications for large scale production use. Before OpenSCG, Scott was the principal systems engineer for EnterpriseDB where he was responsible for delivering many customer facing deliverables. Prior to EnterpriseDB, Scott was a Systems Administrator at Fusion Technologies responsible for Fusion’s global network spanning three continents.